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December 2017

Closing out the year...2017 has been a challenging year, but the continued support from all of our followers and collectors has certainly made it all worth while!  December 9-16 in the QLICK Gallery of Amsterdam, Julie Everhart's amazing B&W take on a tour bus outside of the Art Museum in York, England is being displayed as a large print right beside the title block on the wall of the gallery!  Bob Blankenship's "Street Musicians" is displayed digitally during this exhibition as well.  

CLICK HERE to see Julie's photo on display with a two of the attendees having a very animated discussion about it!

CLICK HERE to see another photo that Gurushots has selected for their lead photo on their article showing the gallery and exhibition.  In this photo, another attendee is shown from over his shoulder looking at Julie's print.Again, thank you all for your continued support.  We hope that hurricanes and other circumstances from 2017 will be behind us and that we can bring some of our plans to you in the coming year.  In the meantime, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

June 2017 

...and the rainy season begins...After an extremely warm winter and spring, June 1 in Florida is the start of our rainy season, as well as the official Hurricane Season. 2016 brought us Matthew, and forced a remake on our much anticipated shoot across the pond.Although the original plans called for 2 full weeks at the beginning of October in Ireland and Scotland, we were able to do 18 days in England and Scotland in November.  And we must admit, we were disappointed to not be able to visit Ireland this time, but England certainly gave us tremendous opportunities for fantastic photos! We continue to publish these photos and will be releasing new ones for some time as we took over 11,000 photos during our trip.  So far, in 6 months time Bob and Julie have had their photos published in nearly a dozen articles and each been shown in exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, and Greece.  Bob has also won an international competition for Inspiring Architecture with photos from this trip.Below are two of the most recent releases.  Julie offers "Reflections of Inverness"  as a beautiful shot of  a loch that we had to stop and hike around as we travelled in Scotland from the Eilean Donan Castle to Inverness.  Bob just released a photo from their first day in England.  Simply titled "Dover Port - Pano", this is a view of the port taken from atop the famous White Cliffs of Dover.  We hope you enjoy them, and please check out their other Social Media sites and stores.

Two Photos in Art Show In Greece

CONGRATULATIONS! Both Julie Everhart and Bob Blankenship were selected to have their images displayed in the ART THESSALONIKI INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR. Held in Greece on December 1-4, 2016, these were two of 350 photos chosen out of nearly 28,000 photos entered in a competition titled "Best of 2016!" Overall, Julie finished in 99th place and Bob finished in 196th out of a field of almost 6800 photographers! Over 12.8M votes were cast in this competition, and these two are thrilled to have been included in such a show.

Untitled photo

Above is Julie's "Clear Day at Waterstone", and below is Bob's "Storm over Stonehenge". Both of these are available in our Web Store. 2016 Trip to England and Scotland has been completed. What a whirlwind adventure it was! Flying into London and hitting such sights as the White Cliffs of Dover, Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral, the Scottish Highlands, Eilean Donan Castle, Loch Ness, Inverness, Dunnottar Castle, Bamburgh Castle, Alnwick Castle, York Minster Cathedral, Edinburgh, Stirling Castle, The Tower Bridge and downtown London, and that is to just name a few of the many sights we visited and photographed.

Storm over Stonehenge

We will obviously be working the over 11,000 images that we took for some time, but hope that you have been following us through our Facebook pages along the way. No matter how much planning goes into a trip like this, we still have to marvel at the surprises that Mother Nature and brings! Watch for these featured in upcoming Blog Posts as well as through our online Galleries!

Spider Lily Blooming

So what do you do on a peaceful Sunday afternoon in Florida? Come September, we think setting up the camera for a time lapse of flowers blooming is a good answer! Julie Everhart did just that on the 18th, and this is the result. The spider lily will bloom right at sunset. By the following evening, it will have lost almost all of it's energy, as you can see in this video.

Spider Lily Blooming

Cambuddy Pro by Joopic Kickstarter Campaign and Update!

We've been telling you about a new product that Julie Everhart has been Beta-testing for the last few weeks. We are now proud to announce the official start of their Kickstarter campaign and highly recommend this product. Julie has been such a strong supporter that the fine folks at Joopic have asked her to represent them as their Product Ambassador for the Cambuddy Pro! Congratulations Julie and Joopic for the fine work you are doing, and best wishes on a successful campaign! As of this update, the Kickstarter Campaign was an overwhelming success! With an initial goal of $30,000, the creator of this product was amazed that the photographers responded by placing support of over $653,000 and are busily working with manufacturing to fulfill the orders! If you missed out, you can still get yours through Indiegogo. Here is a link to order! Cambuddy Pro - Preorder through Indiegogo

Julie Everhart is Beta Testing the Joopic CamBuddy Pro

Julie Everhart has been chosen as one of 10 Beta Testers for a new product that is getting ready to come to market. The CamBuddy is an interface that allows you to connect your DSLR camera to your smartphone or tablet enabling you to remotely control many of your camera's functions, and also to operate as an intelligent trigger device using sound. light, laser, or as an intervalometer for doing time lapses. Although the focus of the tests were to be related to the sound and light triggering, and the remote shooting features, As you can see here, Julie wanted to push the envelope (big surprise) and put the Cambuddy through all possible tests.

This photo, "Care for a Splash of Lime?" was triggered by a lime falling through the laser trigger allowing the camera to be triggered at just the right moment to catch this amazing shot! Additional tests have been done so far using the device for remote control self portraits in the studio triggering the camera and the studio strobes. Of course, catching the balloon popping and triggering the shot by the sound of the explosion is always a fun shot, particularly if filled with confetti or water! She'll be continuing testing through mid September. The Cambuddy, by Joopic, will be offered through a Kickstarter campaign starting October 4th. To follow this exciting product and keep up with their other activities, please follow them on Facebook or Twitter! If you would like to see some of the results from her testing, go to our new blog, The Test Lab. Julie is posting photos through her Facebook page as well if you want to track her work there. She is very proud to be able to test this product, and asks that you please check out the Cambuddy if you are looking to expand your creativity and new ways to use your camera. It's never too late to follow your passions! Julie is not being compensated for this testing. She will be allowed to keep the test unit at the conclusion of the test, but will be providing accurate reports as to functionality and results in order to help make this product perform as desired.

Untitled photo

CamBuddy Pro by Joopic Final Review

Julie Everhart chosen for Round 2 in TV Series Top Photographer

For 17 Seasons, Nigel Barker became a household name as the Photographer and Judge on America's Next Top Model. His newest project has him partnering with Adorama for a series on AdoramaTV titled Top Photographer! Airing in late fall 2016, the series will pit 5 of America's top photographers against each other in multiple challenges to be chosen as the Top Photographer. This individual will win a $50,000 prize package of the newest Canon professional equipment, as well as an Exhibition in New York City hosted by Nigel himself!

Untitled photo

After the first round which included the submission of the photo shown here, "Bikeride in the Pink Trees", Julie was chosen to continue to round 2. This required the additional submission of a 30 second or less video telling Adorama and the show's staff what inspires her and a little about herself. Below is the video she submitted. Watch it and see if you agree that she should definitely be going to New York City in September for the filming of this Series! We're very proud of Julie's work and her accomplishments to date, and can't wait for the announcement of not only being chosen for the 5 finalists, but of course we also look forward to announcing the date and location for her Exhibition! If you haven't done so yet, make sure you follow her on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates! Best of luck in the competition Julie. We know you deserve the opportunity to show the world your talent!

Maks and Val open their Our Way Tour in Melbourne, Florida

While known here primarily for their photography work, Julie and Bob are also ballroom dancers. In fact, they actually met each other at a dance a few years back. As time goes by, one TV show above all others is a must see in their home, Dancing with the Stars. Julie has, in fact, been a very strong supporter of Val Chmerkovskiy since he joined the show. Val and his brother Maks, along with their parents, came to the US from the Ukraine while they were quite young. This summer, these two remarkable dancers have set off to tell their story. As luck would have it, their 45 city tour started June 15th in Melbourne, Florida. Although the only cameras allowed were cellphones, Julie and Bob managed to do their magic! Below is the video Bob took of the opening number, and one of Julie's photos has been used by Val to help promote their show on his Facebook page. We know you will enjoy the show as much as they did, so Click on Julie's photo for the link to Val's page for more information on when they will be coming to a town near you. Be sure to get your tickets quickly as the shows are selling out!

Here are the official twitter links: #ourwaytouroffic #maksandval #maksandvaltour #ourway #ourwaytour

Julie Everhart wins International Infra-Red Photography Challenge

For those who are not familiar with the site,, it is a Socially interactive sight for photographers to compete in blind competitions, judged by their peers, and each challenge overseen by internationally known professional photographers known as Gurus. Each challenge lasts for 21 days and concludes with the announcement of three awards - Top Photographer, Top Photo, and Guru's Pick. Beginning in mid December, 2015, Julie took the photography community by storm with her entries, and subsequently took the Top Photographer award. As the site only prefers to award one prize to each participant per contest, Julie took Top Photographer, even though in reality she was also had the most voted individual photo! For what it's worth, Bob Blankenship finished 34th and was thrilled to be in such great company! Julie has worked her way through all the levels of the site, and is currently holding the Guru title, although she has yet to run her own challenge.

Blue Waters

Untitled photo

Time Lapse Photography -The Supermoon Tide 2015

Taken in Lubec, Maine during the Blood Moon/Supermoon event October 2015, this 50' tidal shift took place over 7 hours and was captured by Bob Blankenship. 30+ Feet is normal for a tidal shift in the Bay of Fundy, but the locals were concerned that the old fish-house would not survive the extreme shift from this event. Fortunately for all, it was built to withstand the test of time! Follow us on Google+, Facebook, and YouTube

Blood Moon Tide 2015

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