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December 2017 - Closing out the year...

2017 has been a challenging year, but the continued support from all of our followers and collectors has certainly made it all worth while! 

December 9-16 in the QLICK Gallery of Amsterdam, Julie Everhart's amazing B&W take on a tour bus outside of the Art Museum in York, England is being displayed as a large print right beside the title block on the wall of the gallery!  Bob Blankenship's "Street Musicians" is displayed digitally during this exhibition as well.  

CLICK HERE to see Julie's photo on display with a two of the attendees having a very animated discussion about it!

CLICK HERE to see another photo that Gurushots has selected for their lead photo on their article showing the gallery and exhibition.  In this photo, another attendee is shown from over his shoulder looking at Julie's print.

Again, thank you all for your continued support.  We hope that hurricanes and other circumstances from 2017 will be behind us and that we can bring some of our plans to you in the coming year.  In the meantime, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

June 2017 - and the rainy season begins...

After an extremely warm winter and spring, June 1 in Florida is the start of our rainy season, as well as the official Hurricane Season. 2016 brought us Matthew, and forced a remake on our much anticipated shoot across the pond.

Although the original plans called for 2 full weeks at the beginning of October in Ireland and Scotland, we were able to do 18 days in England and Scotland in November.  And we must admit, we were disappointed to not be able to visit Ireland this time, but England certainly gave us tremendous opportunities for fantastic photos!

We continue to publish these photos and will be releasing new ones for some time as we took over 11,000 photos during our trip.  So far, in 6 months time Bob and Julie have had their photos published in nearly a dozen articles and each been shown in exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, and Greece.  Bob has also won an international competition for Inspiring Architecture with photos from this trip.

Below are two of the most recent releases.  Julie offers "Reflections of Inverness"  as a beautiful shot of  a loch that we had to stop and hike around as we travelled in Scotland from the Eilean Donan Castle to Inverness.  Bob just released a photo from their first day in England.  Simply titled "Dover Port - Pano", this is a view of the port taken from atop the famous White Cliffs of Dover.  We hope you enjoy them, and please check out their other Social Media sites and stores.

Reflections of Inverness

Dover Port - Pano

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