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Event Photography

Corporate events, Benefits, Proms, Red Carpet Events all demand photographers that can capture the moment for the guests and also to document the event.  Add to that basic description the ability to immediately upload those photos to a special Gallery for that event AND provide the guest with an 8x10 photo or smaller in less than a minute.  Now, you're talking about our subsidiary, PDQ.Photography!

Professional Portraits

Whether it be of yourself of your entire clan, what better way to celebrate this moment in our lives than with a Professional Portrait. In our studio, we combine the mood, lighting, and backgrounds to make an Heirloom Masterpiece for you. Call today to book your sitting! Order your Session Now!

Headshots / Product Shots

On request, we offer Professional Headshots for that new resume' or updating that old image when your hair was dark or the holidays were too plentiful. We also offer photography services for those new ads or taking your new products to the next level. Fully equipped to make your product come to life, we're here to help.

Matting and Mounting

A great way to make an affordable large wall hanging and complement the beauty of the work is matting it. Another popular presentation is to mount your large print on foam board, eliminating the frame. This is great for trade shows, schools, or short term advertising. For canvas prints, we offer gallery wraps using 1-1/4" stretcher bars to make your image ready for presentation.

Editing / Restoration

With years of editing experience, we can take your images and "clean them up" to add that professional look. When working with older images, removing dust and scratches, correcting colors, or perhaps even repairing water damage is needed. Show us your image and tell us what you want. We'll let you know what we can do. Sorry, turning back the hands of time 40 years in a photo is not a given....

Custom Restoration and Reprinting

What better way to pay homage to the past and take that special moment in time that was captured so many years ago and bringing it back to life? Imagine the look on your parents faces when you present them with their wedding photo fully restored and reprinted on an heirloom canvas, sealed and framed to protect and preserve it for generations to come. These are a couple of examples of the custom restoration abilities we can offer. Using state-of-the-art software, we can often pull out details and enhance the original photos to be able to enlarge smaller photos to nearly poster sized prints or canvas. Add a coordinating mat and frame and you'll have a family masterpiece.

Shoebox Scanning

Don't know what to do with that box full of photos in the closet? Wanting to start a digital scrapbook or just preserve and share those heirloom memories? Give us the box and we'll return it with a CD or Flash Drive with all the images digitally scanned and stored. We can even do light restoration such as color correction and scratch removal through our automated processing. From wallets to 8x10's, we are able to make it happen for you. See the sample below of a 40 year old school photo scanned and auto-corrected.

Custom Framing

Built in house, and sized for your needs, we offer many frame mouldings in stock to create that long panorama, or perhaps that square photo you've always wanted, but couldn't find the right frame for. We've even built octagon shaped red oak frames for stained glass clocks....

Custom Printing

Whether you are a photographer needing custom enlargements, or an artist wanting to reproduce that beautiful canvas, our high resolution printers are setup to produce up to 44" wide Paper, Canvas, or Vinyl prints with inks designed to last over 200 years. We offer three levels of paper and canvas to provide both economical as well as full archival solutions.

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