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News and Events

What an amazing start to 2017!  Julie and Bob were both invited to participate and each were included in the "People In The City" Photo Exhibition in the Berlin Blue Art Show January 20-29.  

As you can see from our site, things have been changing here as well, and fast!  In addition to our new look and features, we have decided to integrate another aspect of our art and photography into the site - Wearable Art and Gifts.  From clothing to clocks and watches, from pillows to lamps, duvets to, well, you get the idea.  Julie Everhart has been online selling her custom designs and patterns, in addition to her hand drawn art and photography, since 2008.  You'll be amazed to see the variety and creativity she presents!

Another feature that we have added is our own app!  Simply click the photo above and follow the instructions.  Never miss out on a sale or special event.

The photo galleries are also far more friendly now.  Click on any photo, see it full screen. and decide how you would like to buy it!  A beautiful canvas, a print, matted and framed, a greeting card, or a coffee mug for your morning cup of java!  Through the partners with SmugMug, these items will be created and shipped directly to you!  These are some of the best suppliers in the industry, so we are quite sure you will be pleased with the quality of the products.

Of course, if you see an image or have an idea that you would like to see created for you, Contact Us will give you a direct email link to let us know.  We make every effort to respond quickly to fill your requests.

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